Get started with Alces Flight Compute.

Launch a Flight Compute cluster now or watch our introductory videos.

Launch a trial cluster.

Request a Flight Launch token from us to take an Alces Flight Compute cluster for a spin — no cloud account required!

Fancy a test Flight?

Want to take Flight Compute for a spin? Let us know and we'll dispatch you a cluster trial token. Simply provide us with your contact details, tell us which field of science or engineering you work in and the type of workload you want to run, and we'll get in touch with a code that, in minutes, will get you up, up and away with a time-limited Flight Compute Solo HPC cluster suitable for your interest and workload.

For most trial workloads we recommend a standard cluster (7.5 GiB, 4 CPUs), but for those with additional requirements we can also arrange for access to a performance cluster (240 GiB, 144 CPUs) or GPU cluster (976 GiB, 64 CPUs, 16 GPUs) trial.

Please let us know what field of science or engineering you primarily work in.
Please provide a sentence or two about your proposed use of Flight Compute.

How does this work?

Once you've received your token, simply follow the instructions in the email. In three simple steps your cluster will be up and running:

  1. Visit our Flight Launch service and select the cluster specification you've asked to try.
  2. Enter your trial token code and email address and optionally give your cluster a name.
  3. Launch!

You'll receive an email letting you know that your cluster is in the process of being launched and, after a few minutes, a further email providing you with the details you need to log in and get started!

Want even more? Sign up!

Once you've enjoyed your first Flight, why not sign up for an account to receive additional benefits including:

  • An additional allocation of Flight Compute trial time to help you get going.
  • More advanced cluster types, including additional Flight Compute Solo configurations as well as access to Flight Compute Advanced.
  • Easy to manage pay-as-you-go high performance computing.

Already have an AWS or Azure account and want to put Flight Compute through its paces? Launch through AWS Marketplace or Azure Marketplace instead.

Interested in using Flight Launch to manage HPC resource allocation within your organisation? Contact us for more information.

Familiarize yourself with Alces Flight Compute.

Watch our series of introductory videos showing how to run an Alces Flight Compute cluster launched on AWS.

Launch via Marketplace.

Visit AWS or Azure to launch your Alces Flight Compute cluster.

Available now on AWS Marketplace.

If you already have an AWS account, you can launch the free, community-supported, Flight Compute Solo (Community Edition) at no cost*1 through AWS Marketplace. You can find comprehensive instructions within the Flight Compute documentation.

Clusters come configured with your choice of job scheduler along with autoscaling capabilities that allow computational resources to be increased in line with demand and scaled back as demand drops. Coupled with the ability for you to choose how much you want to pay for your compute resources using Amazon EC2 spot instances, you are placed firmly in control of your HPC spend.

Get started with CloudFormation.

Alces Flight Compute Solo on AWS Marketplace harnesses the power of CloudFormation, providing you with a large selection of options to tailor your cluster to your workflow and HPC requirements:

  • Choice of the best instance types for your master and compute nodes.
  • Control of scaling and instance cost parameters via use of the spot market.
  • Choice of a disk configuration to suit your budget and workload (physical backing type, i.e. magnetic or SSD, volume layout, volume size).
  • Selection of the HPC job scheduler you're most familiar with.
  • Selection of preconfigured software bundles.
  • Specification of predefined or personal customization profiles to be applied to your cluster.

Available now on Azure Marketplace.

If Azure is your preferred cloud services provider, you can launch our free, community-supported, Alces Flight Compute offers at no cost*2 through Azure Marketplace. Refer to the Flight Compute documentation for more details on how to get going.

Alces Flight Compute comes ready configured with the Open Grid Scheduler batch-queueing system and gives you a choice of a flexible single-image offer or, if you need to get up and running more quickly, a template offer (Cluster Edition) delivered complete with scaling capabilities that allow computatational resources to be increased in line with your demand.

Craft your cluster.

Our Alces Flight Compute offers on Azure Marketplace give you a choice of infrastructure configurations and the freedom to configure your cluster how you want it:

  • Choice of the best instance types for your master and compute nodes.
  • Control of scaling parameters with our preconfigured Cluster Edition offer.
  • Provisioned with the Open Grid Scheduler batch-queueing system.
  • Access to the Alces Gridware package library.
  • Flexibility to launch into your existing or newly created networks.

If you're looking for a little more support and advice, then our pay-as-you-go Advanced or bespoke Enterprise editions may be a better choice. These editions provide you with an additional personal support entitlement - please contact us for more information.

Don't have an AWS or Azure account? Launch using Alces Flight Launch instead.

*1 Alces Flight Compute on AWS Marketplace incurs no subscription cost or per-hour charges. Your account will be charged as usual for AWS resources such as EC2 compute, elastic block storage (EBS) and S3 object storage costs.

*2 Alces Flight Compute on Azure Marketplace incurs no subscription cost or per-hour charges. Your account will be charged as usual for Azure resources such as virtual machines, disk and blob storage costs.