Choose Alces Flight to build, transform and grow your HPC solution.

Build a sustainable future for your business.

Transform your HPC offering with the latest technologies.

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At Alces Flight we build and transform HPC clusters for as little as £50/day.

About us

Alces Flight builds and transforms HPC clusters into cloud and cloud-enabled HPC solutions.

From on-premises sites looking to grow, to new ideas wanting a place to start, Alces Flight uses a suite of products and services designed to get your team up and running for as little as £50/day.

HPC Solutions

Build, Transform and Grow your HPC Cluster with Alces Flight.

Get started from £50/day.


The team at Alces Flight has been building HPC clusters for over ten years and was one of the first companies to integrate cloud into their architecture.


Let Alces Flight transform your cluster into a cloud or cloud-enabled solution ready to bring agility to your HPC workloads.


The team at Alces Flight can transform new and existing HPC clusters into growth-focused solutions. Gain agility, work across platform, and target your efforts on continuous solution improvement.

Cloud HPC

Build, Manage and Grow your HPC Cluster in the cloud with Alces Flight.

Starting from £50/day.


Alces Flight has been building HPC clusters in the cloud since 2016. From AWS, Azure, and Google to OpenStack and private cloud. We know how to make your cloud cluster build happen.


Don’t let HPC cloud run away with your budget. Let Alces Flight keep your projects in check and your cloud clusters at the ready for right-on-time usage.


The team at Alces Flight have been transforming HPC clusters into solutions for over four years. Adding or moving to cloud allows you the freedom to be agile, to focus efforts, and move across platforms. We can show you how.

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