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York & EcoDataCenter: Sawdust to Supercomputing

The University of York is undertaking a commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030. As part of its plan, the Research Computing team has begun to look critically at its supercomputing services, seeking out the opportunity to get a head start in minimising their carbon footprint by working with EcoDataCenter.

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CIUK: HPC competition on a shared resource

Launched in 2020, the CIUK Student Cluster Competition hosts teams that, each December, tackle tasks that are set tot est their knowledge of HPC. With a need to foster future talent in supercomputing, the conference committee's assignments are to ensure a level playing field for all the teams; develop more practical trials; and foster cross-team cooperation.

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Stirling: Cloud HPC for a Living Lab

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling are taking two decades of development in remote sensing technology and transforming it to meet the needs of the Forth Valley's Green Recovery Programme. To scale and automate their machine learning tool sets, the team looked to explore the advantages presented by cloud-based HPC.

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York: HPC for Early Cancer Detection

The Department of Psychology and the Research Computing team at the University of York have taken on the challenge to understand how clinician's minds often notice the “nonlocalizable global markers” of cancer, leveraging HPC and machine learning via extensive testing and refinement of neural networking models in cancer diagnosis.

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City: Campus wide HPC

City, University of London, consolidated their HPC services in order to broaden access to supercomputing to encompass their entire university, as well as increase the efficiency, speed and quality of research being conducted.

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Liverpool: Using Cloud HPC to Fight COVID-19

The Advanced Research Computing team at the University of Liverpool put their rapid-deployment cloud environment to use on accelerating AI imaging diagnosis methods for COVID-19.

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CompBioMed: Demystifying HPC

CompBioMed Centre of Excellence focuses their training efforts towards bridging the gap between High Performance Computing (HPC) and the computational science of biomolecules.

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NI-HPC: Putting the Research First

Queen's University Belfast and Ulster University have collaborated on a Tier 2 Supercomputing Facility and Research Software Engineering (RSE) programme focused on delivering impactful change in health, environment, and quality of life.

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RSE Sheffield: Desperately Seeking Supercomputer

The team at RSE Sheffield utilised Alces Flight on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a temporary supercomputer for a two-day training course in MPI for less than forty dollars.

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