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At Alces Flight we create and manage diverse and versatile HPC clusters and cluster environments using our proven product and process methodology.  Developed over 15+ years in operation, with Alces you can:  

  • Build your HPC service with confidence for today and tomorrow
  • Easily adapt hardware, software, and platforms
  • Transparently budget and manage time
  • Minimise your carbon footprint

Everything we do at Alces works thanks to our centralised system of management via Flight Center. Flight Center serves as a foundation for all aspects of your HPC cluster. See everything that happens, as well as make changes and enhancements. Learn more or talk to us today about what we can do to help.

HPC shouldn’t cost the Earth

At Alces Flight we champion sustainable supercomputing. Our products run across platforms, enhancing overall efficiency.  Working with us means access to expert knowledge and scalable economics, reducing your cluster management budget over time. With Alces Flight:

  • Revamp existing hardware
  • Partner with green data centers
  • Automate cloud usage
  • Track sustainability metrics
  • Empower your team by freeing them from mundane tasks
By engaging with our products, services and methodology you can transform your HPC solution to a cleaner, greener system that focuses on solving the problems of tomorrow, today.

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“By using the Alces Flight Center service, they keep all information in one location and launch courses as needed. This ensures their time is spent more on delivering quality coursework while the cloud resource is managed efficiently and cost-effectively.”

Andrea Townsend-Nicholson, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology University College London (UCL).