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Small footprint, big impact

At Alces Flight, our sustainable supercomputing methodology revolves around the ‘Four Pillars,’ where each element intersects to achieve long-term sustainability. These pillars encompass:

  • Installation of your HPC Solution
  • Maintenance of your HPC Solution
  • Evolution of your HPC Solution
  • .. and how your HPC solution works with people.

Our Core Beliefs

At Alces Flight we approach all projects with sustainability in mind. We have defined our four pillars of sustainability to reflect the growing needs of our community.

  • Installation: Eco-friendly hardware installation and recycling program.
  • Maintenance: Efficient service management through Alces Flight Center.
  • People + Community: Collaborations with the HPC community, including DEI-focused groups.
  • Evolution: Transparent products and services for system evolution tracking.

We also collaborate closely with data centers and hardware experts dedicated to renewable energy solutions.  This partnership helps foster continuous enhancement to our products and services.

Managed Services

Working with our managed services allows you to not only consolidate your HPC process, it also can enable you to focus on evolving your system for long-term sustainability.
  • Empower Your Team: Free up your team for efficient and ecological HPC uses.
  • Continuous Evolution: Evolve your solution for streamlined effectiveness.
  • Leverage Best Practices: Engage with our practices and partnerships for effective growth and new projects.
Green PC

Physical Impact

Working in HPC means working with hardware, regardless of location. At Alces Flight we take the integration, management, and decommissioning of hardware seriously. At Alces we have adopted:

  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Utilise local recycling for cardboard and marked plastics, transport in custom modular cases, and work with electronics recycling for hardware disposal.
  • Sustainable Approach: Repurposing older systems for value retention, cost reduction, and streamlined workload transition.
  • Renewable Energy Partnerships: We actively pursue partnerships with renewable data centers and energy providers for our clients and partners.

At Alces, we are committed to ongoing ecological enhancements in HPC hardware use. 

Awards Flipped

The importance of community.

As integrators we are all about bringing people together to solve problems. This also means we get exposure to some of the best new ideas and practices. We are honoured to have been able to collaborate and engage with:

  • Local and global communities: HPC SIG, N8 CIR, Society of Research Software Engineering (RSE), CompBioMed and Women in HPC (WHPC).
  • Renewable data centres and hardware: EcoDataCenter, Deep Green.
  • Conference Series: Supercomputing (SC), International Supercomputing (ISC), Computing Insight UK (CIUK), and the HPC Knowledge Portal
  • Open Source Projects: OpenFlightHPC, OpenStack