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Flight Center

Alces Flight Center

Proactive Management

Elevate Your HPC Experience with Alces Flight Center. Streamline your operations, from basic checks to service requests, all in one place.  With Flight Center you can focus more on the development and growth of your overall HPC solution.

  • Dashboard View: Monitor active HPC components.
  • Progress Tracker: Record enhancements and modifications.
  • Automated Tools: Streamline with checks and automations.

Part of our managed service offering, Alces Flight Center is your comprehensive suite for HPC maintenance and efficiency.  Talk to us today or learn more about managed services.

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Flexible Subscription

Alces Flight Center offers flexible subscription options. Select from fully managed, component-based, or self-managed services. Tailor your subscription and enhance it with service credits for larger requests. Monitor your solution’s progress and make informed decisions about its future.

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Sustainable HPC

At Alces Flight we are committed to long-term, sustainable, ecological HPC. Our Flight Center product is no different. By centralising knowledge you are building a resilient path of maintenance and growth for your HPC solution.

  • Reduce maintenance time and waste.
  • Consolidate knowledge for efficient growth.
  • Focus your time on projects and components needing your direct expertise.

We have a fully developed sustainability process for all we do in supercomputing, including product development. Contact us today to see how we are driving forward positive change in HPC.

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Optional Extras

Our appliances work alongside Alces Flight Center to make your HPC solution run more efficiently. Add or removed appliances to meet your needs – giving you the extra boost for a faster, smarter supercomputing solution. With appliances you can:

  • Control login and team management.
  • Provide system monitoring and improvement.
  • Build private Cloud for ultimate resource flexibility .
  • Engage in public cloud management and cost oversight.

Get the full details on our appliances now!

Support vs. Services - What’s the Difference?

Alces Flight offers holistic managed service plans, addressing both hardware and applications. Unlike traditional support, our approach considers the complete HPC system, ensuring comprehensive solutions beyond just fixing symptoms.