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Managed Services

Ultimate flexibility, resilient HPC

HPC has gotten more, not less complex. Embrace automation with Alces Flight to simplify your daily service tasks. We provide the tools, products and process for a future-proof HPC solution.

  • Choose the service plan that suits your requirements.
  • Utilise Alces Flight products to track and record solution activity.
  • Have the power to automate and remote monitor services.

Read on to learn how our subscription service works, or, check out our products.


What’s Included:

Each one of our managed service subscriptions comes with:

  • Fully comprehensive audit and/or hardware specification service.
  • Onsite and/or cloud-based pre-installation session.
  • Open Platform installation (OpenHPC or OpenStack).
  • Subscription to Alces Flight Center.

Our managed services contracts are fully flexible. Choose terms that are right for you, pre-purchase project credits, and scale at your own pace.

Services Desk Man

Self-Managed HPC

Retain full responsibility for your HPC solution while supplementing it with expert advice. With our self-managed plan, you have access to 15+ years of HPC expertise right at your fingertips.

  • Turn-key Solution
  • Flexibility to Modify
  • Risk-Free Set-Up
  • Ongoing Advice Options

Managed Platforms

Build out your HPC solution with our fully-managed platform product. Available for HPC clusters and private cloud systems, this plan is all about being proactive in your management process.

  • Reduces Risk
  • Product-Driven Process
  • Perfect for End-User-Focused Sites

Managed Environments

Our fully-managed environment presents the most comprehensive HPC solution we provide.

When you choose Managed Environments you get all the benefits of Managed Platforms plan plus:

  • End-to-end Managed Environment.
  • Continuous Implementation of Best Practices.
  • Portability and Multi-Platform  Enablement.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Services Idea Alces

Consultancy and Training

Have additional work to do on your HPC service? We can provide you with complete consultancy and training to help get you there. Delivered via our Alces Flight Center platform, we follow a statement of work (SOW) process that ensures complete transparency for any additional work agreed.

Have an existing system you want to transition? We can help.

Already have a pre-existing cluster or solution? Enhance your existing HPC setup with our managed services.  You don’t have to wait for our next implementation cycle to start.  

  • We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your existing installation.
  • You’ll receive a detailed set of system documentation.
  • We’ll provide you with recommendations for next steps.

Contact us today to discuss your integration requirements.