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Best Practices Automated

Managing HPC complexity can be daunting, and bespoke solutions may lead to long-term entanglement in legacy issues. That’s why at Alces Flight, we follow a Product and Process Methodology, ensuring long-term success for HPC clusters. Our approach establishes a foundation for continuous improvement, integrating scalable methodology into every system and product, providing lasting solutions for our clients.

  • Over 15 years of best practice designed into our products.
  • Easy-to-use with reporting features for our team-based products.
  • Removing barriers to HPC access for more users.

HPC Management

Take control of your HPC solution with Alces Flight. Our management tools centralize cluster and service information, simplifying management and growth. Our flagship product, Alces Flight Center, has been designed as a proactive system, freeing you to focus on the areas of research and project management that matter most to your organization.

  • Subscription-based software.
  • Component designed for ease of cost and flexibility.
  • Includes automatic checks, maintenance process, and case tracking.
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Researchers and End-Users

Need to spin up a HPC resource? Don’t want to wait? Check out Concertim to deploy your very own private HPC research cluster.

  • Flexible subscription.
  • Comes with a job scheduler, applications, and remote desktop service.
  • Use it for testing or speeding up your time to results.
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At Alces Flight, we embrace the ‘Four Pillars’ of sustainable supercomputing. From installation to collaboration, we prioritize how your HPC setup evolves and interacts with people. We are deeply passionate about our work, recognizing the critical role HPC plays in environmental impact and solving global challenges

  • Active community and open-source contributors.
  • Careful thought in software development and accessibility.
  • Complete physical assessment and process for installing, improving, and decommissioning hardware.

Managed Services

Bring your HPC service together with our managed services offering. At Alces Flight we can help you build, manage, and grow your HPC cluster and environments utilising our products to guide the way. Our managed services plans are designed to meet your needs, giving you the tools to put in a long-term, sustainable solution.

  • Choose a plan that best suits your requirements.
  • Utilise our complete product offering to improve and track process and activity.
  • Reduce maintenance burden, automate common processes, and remote monitor services.
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Client testimonial

What our amazing customers are saying...

“The ability to rapidly spin up additional HPC capacity is essential if we are to meet our sustainability goals and our research objectives. However, that needs to be coupled with ease of use and effective cost management if it is to challenge traditional ways of working, and Alces have delivered both here, with great results”.

Richard Fuller, Assistant Director of IT-Infrastructure at the University of York.