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For Greener HPC

Make your HPC service something extraordinary

We have three key appliances for those looking to add additional features to their HPC service. Each can be added to your Flight Center subscription as a means of boosting your overall supercomputing offering. Why not consider:

  • Flight Gateway for secure login and team management.
  • Research Private Cloud for ultimate resource flexibility.
  • Flight Control for public cloud management and cost oversight.
Contact us today or learn more about our centralised hub, Alces Flight Center, that brings each of these appliances to life.
Alces Flight Center

Alces Flight Center

Alces Flight Center streamlines your HPC management, allowing you to focus on your organization’s priorities. With centralized monitoring and maintenance, Flight Center offers flexibility through a tailored subscription model for optimal managed service benefits.

  • Flexible subscription
  • Cost-Efficient Design
  • Automated Management

Flight Center empowers you to enhance your HPC offering to meet and exceed user requirements.

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Managed Services

Our software and appliances are all part of our managed services packages that we offer on subscription-basis.
  • Ready to elevate your HPC system with expertise?
  • Seeking automation for on-premises and private clouds?
  • Transitioning to multi-platform HPC?
Managed services brings that next level of care. Read more, or contact us and find out more about our end-to-end service packages.

Why is Alces Product-First?

We design our solutions for long-term success using a product and process approach. Unlike bespoke solutions, our method ensures stability and avoids disruptions. Operating within an economy of scale, Alces Flight offers HPC best practices at competitive prices, enabling customers to invest in team growth and supercomputing systems.