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Personalised HPC

Concertim is designed for building private and public cloud environments that can be tailored to user’s unique requirements, while offering tools that help to drive down the cost and carbon footprint of research computing.

  • Utilises best practice cluster build methodology.
  • Monitors carbon footprint.
  • Includes additional tools and workflows.

Simplify the process of getting access to an appropriate compute resource for a typical HPC, AI or machine learning (ML) workload. Contact us today to learn more.

Green PC


Alces Flight is committed to the long-term vision of HPC, fostering inclusivity through all of our initiatives. Our beliefs shape the products and services we offer. If you are looking to take your ideas to the next level why not read more about how we tackle all aspects of sustainability in the work we do.

The importance of community

As integrators we are all about bringing people together to solve problems. This is how we continue to build better products and services for our clients and community. The improvements we make are thanks to these incredible groups:

    • Local and global: HPC SIG, N8 CIR, Society of Research Software Engineering (RSE), CompBioMed and Women in HPC (WHPC).
    • Renewable data centres and hardware: EcoDataCenter, Deep Green.
    • Conference Series: Supercomputing (SC), International Supercomputing (ISC), Computing Insight UK (CIUK), and the HPC Knowledge Portal.
    • Open Source Projects: OpenFlightHPC, OpenStack