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Alces Flight and Deep Green announce a strategic partnership

This collaboration will drive the adoption of highly sustainable compute and data analytics resources across the UK.

Bicester, UK and London, UK — May 23, 2023 — The teams at Alces Flight and Deep Green are pleased to announce a commercial partnership that is focused on the use of micro data centres to power HPCA and Edge workloads. Deep Green’s “data furnace” technology efficiently transforms the heat from its servers into useful hot water for district heating systems and other industries. Deep Green is collaborating with Alces Flight, the UK’s leading provider of managed services for HPCA, in order to offer an end-to-end solution for this market.

“The team at Alces Flight is dedicated to leading the sustainable computing movement within HPCA,” said Michael Rudgyard, Alces’ CEO. “ In many respects, the UK has lagged behind other countries when it comes to waste heat re-use in its data-centres, and Deep Green’s data furnace concept allows us to redress this balance. We are therefore delighted to announce our relationship with Deep Green, and to offer new and existing customers a truly sustainable option for their computing needs”.

Deep Green has engineered its data furnaces based on immersive cooling technology, and has partnered with leading IT providers to ensure that it can provide all of the necessary infrastructure for its edge data centres. The company’s disruptive commercial strategy is to provide the installation of its units and maintenance costs to hosts for free. In turn, the host site benefits from the heat re-capture and relies less on their existing gas boiler, cutting their energy bill and reducing their carbon footprint. The attractive offer for hosts has meant that currently over 2000 secure sites across the UK are interested. By deploying Alces Flight’s Private Research Cloud software in these edge data centres, Deep Green and Alces can together offer their customers a radically-different managed service for HPCA that combines highly sustainable computing, minimal or no capital investment, minimal operational costs, and a highly flexible HPCA platform.

“Given the unprecedented growth in high performance, high throughput and data-intensive computing, it is critical that the sector continues to find ways to be energy-efficient and sustainable,” said Mark Bjornsgaard, CEO of Deep Green. “Finding a purpose for, what would be, waste heat is central to this. Our partnership with Alces Flight validates the demand for energy-efficient HPCA that also provides a societal good — supporting local businesses in reducing their reliance on carbon-intensive gas boilers., We are looking forward to engaging with Alces Flights’ High Performance Computing and Analytics customers and pioneer our energy-efficient and sustainable computing technology”.

Customers who wish to know more, or those seeking early-access to compute resources for bare-metal, virtualized or containerised applications should contact

About Alces Flight

Alces Flight provides comprehensive managed services for on-premise, public cloud and cloud-enabled HPCA systems, with a broad customer base across Academia, Government and Industry. The team at Alces Flight have pioneered a revolutionary approach to computing that puts its customers in control of the how, when and where their HPCA services are run.

About Deep Green

Deep Green is a 100% self-funded, British tech start-up. It was founded in 2016 by Mark Bjornsgaard, an entrepreneur with an interest in technology and energy. Deep Green uses the latest in ‘immersion cooling’ technology to extract heat from on-site “edge” data centers to provide free hot water for district heating systems and a range of other industries. Decarbonising commercial and domestic heating is one of the most urgent climate imperatives and Deep Green is excited to be at the heart of this important transition. Find out more at: or

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