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Alces Flight brings their ‘moosecot’ and more to SC22

Every year the Alces Flight Crew has given away hundreds of plush moose to celebrate the meaning behind our name. (‘Alces’ just so happens to be Latin for ‘moose.’) This year will be no different as we host a series of games set around SC attendees knowledge of the products, projects and community work of Alces Flight.

While different from our past hands-on tutorials, this year we wanted to offer those attending SC the opportunity to play and learn in-person or at their own pace. And while we’re still working on the details, not only will those attending the conference in Dallas have an opportunity to win a plush moose, we also have some exciting additional giveaways on-hand.

Limited Edition Moosepin + Stickers

We’re starting a series of collectable pins for the two global trade shows we attend. This year we are releasing pin #1 — the O.G. Moose. Available in limited numbers to those attending in-person, as well as those attending the Women in HPC Networking Reception on November 15th.

We’ll also be passing limited edition stickers — including our pride in HPC on Diversity Day.

Give back!

We are well aware that the HPC Community is actively looking to make the field more sustainable, so this year we’re choosing to donate a portion of our booth fund towards causes that relate to the work our clients do in HPC. Each cause was selected as it has and continues to provide vital services to help sustain the global community. To help contribute simply come by our booth — #4300 — watch a demo, play a game, or talk to us! We’ll hand you a reclaimed acrylic supporter chip and you can tell us where you’d like to see us direct our funds. See the charity list below and check out our related case studies at the event:

We’ll see you at SC22!

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