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Events Update

Alces Flight is about to take off again!

We’ve been busy working on research and new solutions in HPC and are proud to announce we’ll be attending a host of events from May of this year showcasing our new products and ideas.

The Alces Flight crew is once again getting ready to take off to meet with HPC users who are looking at how to further their solution in a rapidly changing market. These upcoming events are hosted by trusted partners and collaborators who are focused on providing real, in-depth and candid discussion on how to tackle growth, address cloud, and become more proactive in the management of their HPC solutions.

If you are looking to gain insight into the future of HPC then these events are for you!

May 7th 2019 — Bridging the Skills Gap in HPC — Hosted by Dell EMC

Are you looking at becoming more proactive with your solution management? Struggling with taking on and balancing the skill sets of your team? Debating growth through a hybrid solution? Dell EMC is proud to be hosting a half day seminar on Bridging the Skills Gap in HPC. Come spend a morning hearing direct from Dell EMC clients about their experiences (both good and bad!) and engage with our panel on the questions that plague expansion and growth of current HPC systems. This event will be held in London, UK starting at 10:00 AM with a lunch following. To register, click here.

May 15th 2019 — Red Oak Cloud Seminar — The Leopold Hotel, Sheffield

We are proud to be returning to the Red Oak Cloud Seminars, now in their second year running, at the Leopold Hotel, Sheffield UK. These events are a lively mix of cloud customer experiences, research, and debate on how cloud is integrating into the world of HPC. If you are craving honest discussion on cloud HPC then this event is a MUST attend. To register, click here.

Upcoming Events for 2019

We’ve also started to commit to events from Summer, 2019, onwards! Here’s what we’ve lined up so far:

We will once again be returning to ISC19 — Frankfurt with the HPC Community in full focus. This year we’ll be presenting our ongoing cloud research in the Project Poster Session, engaging on panels in the upcoming Birds of a Feather Sessions, and working with Women in HPC at their annual Diversity Workshop. We’ll be writing up more information soon so you can plan to join us. Until then the registration is open — so take advantage of those early bird rates.

We’ll also be presenting at the first annual CompBioMed Conference in London, UK this September. If you are currently focused in medical or genomic research this group is pioneering the way forward in data-driven models and simulations. More details to come soon! Registration and paper acceptance is going on now. Click here to read more.

Finally — and most importantly — we are exhibiting for the first time ever at Supercomputing, Denver USA, this upcoming November. We have so many wonderful things to tell you about then. Save the date and we’ll see you there.

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