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Alces Flight is headed to ISC’22

The team at Alces Flight is excited to announce that this year marks our first turn as in-person exhibitors at ISC’22 — taking place May 30th to June 2nd, 2022. We are thrilled to be exhibiting at their new conference location in Hamburg, Germany, as well as continuing our active support for underrepresented communities in HPC. Highlights for the Flight Crew include:

Client Showcase

We are grateful to work with some of the best clients and partners and are pleased to be showcasing their latest work in HPC at conference! Stop by our booth to have a look through their stories. Or, if you are itching for the highlights, we’ve got a fully updated database of success stories ready for you now.

Exhibition Gala — Booth D415

Stop by our booth from 6:30pm CET on May 30th to meet the team after a long two years apart! Our booth will also be distributing Women in HPC swag as well as featuring our latest HPC products and services.

Diversity Day: May 31st

Celebrate the continued efforts of our community to reach better equity on Diversity Day — happening all day at conference. We’ll have limited swag available to celebrate and will be supporting our clients and partners in their activities and events.

Women in HPC (WHPC) Poster Reception

Want to meet the future of HPC? We’ll be hosting a WHPC Poster Reception along with AWS on May 31st from 4.15pm CET in Foyer D-G. This informal networking event is taking place in front of the up-and-coming research being produced by women in HPC. Light refreshments will be provided.

Exploring Diversity Tax at the WHPC Workshop

We’ll be speaking at the 13th Annual WHPC Workshop on the topic of Diversity Tax. Don’t know what it is? Want to understand why women and underrepresented groups in tech often finding themselves paying it … for both good and bad reasons? Then join in on June 2nd from 9.00am CET.

Booth Presentations!

The Flight Crew is pleased to announce we will be showcasing our client success stories on partner booths. Our current line-up includes:

Amazon Web Services (AWS): Booth G711

We’ll be showcasing work done on the Liverpool Cloud Barkla Cluster from Monday, May 30th including the toolsets that have made Cloud Barkla our longest running and most successful cloud HPC service.

Microsoft Azure: Booth A105

We’ll be showcasing the work of York and (the brand new) Stirling universities on Wednesday, June 1st at 1:15pm.

… and some exciting announcements!

We’ve got some incredible news to share at conference — new products and services are on the way! Details to be announced in Hamburg… we’ll see you there!

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