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Alces Flight partners with Vscaler

May 30, 2022: Bicester, UK — Alces Flight, leader in building and transforming HPC clusters into cloud and cloud-enabled environments, today announced a partnership with Vscaler, a platform-agnostic private cloud appliance provider for HPC, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Vscaler will enable Alces Flight to rapidly deploy private cloud environments across a host of Tier 1 platforms as well as deliver on-demand resources and workflows for AI and ML.

“We want to minimise the time and cost it takes to enable HPC on private cloud,” says Wil Mayers of Alces Flight. “Our partnership with Vscaler will allow us to expand our customer offering to include a foundational suite of appliances for quick and efficient provisioning of private-cloud HPC services. Vscaler completes our suite of appliances designed to expedite any-cloud HPC environment builds regardless of platform which, alongside of our flexible managed service offerings, will give our clients the power to focus on delivering an HPC service that meets the needs of an ever-evolving user base.”

The Vscaler appliance is designed to create a private-cloud environment across any on-premise hardware platform. With a history of working with a range of high-performance network and storage providers, and with multiple customer service offerings, Vscaler brings the same flexible approach for its user base as Alces Flight, with additional capabilities aimed at the expanding AI and ML markets.

“We are seeing more and more demand for ML and AI from both established HPC users and institutions that have never previously had a need for large-scale computing,” said Michael Rudgyard, CEO of Vscaler. “As such, it was a natural progression for us to partner with an HPC cloud specialist that shared the same values as we do.”

Alces Flight and Vscaler share the mutual goal of creating solutions that work across multiple platforms and which they can develop alongside the client. With the addition of Vscaler’s private cloud capabilities, Alces Flight users will gain the flexibility to operate services for batch/MPI, on-demand and interactive workflows within an on-premise cloud environment, as well as plugins to connect user workloads to public cloud resources.

“With Alces Flight and Vscaler now working together, clients will find that they are able to do more than ever before without ramping up significant cost or complexity,” said Cristin Merritt of Alces Flight. “Alces continues to address the HPC market in ways that do not add burden to our client base. Whether that is through launching entirely cloud-based HPC solutions, centralising knowledge and on-premise builds, or tackling the growing need for HPC to work with AI/ML, we understand that architectural demands are evolving and are ready to meet the needs of our clients.”

The partnership of Vscaler and Alces Flight officially launches on May 30, 2022 at the ISC’22 conference in Hamburg, Germany. For more details, please visit the Alces Flight website:

Official press release located here.

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