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Business as usual

Building on what’s come before in Supercomputing

As we prepare to launch our Business as Unusual series this month it’s important we take a few minutes to look back on some of the work we’ve done to get this far. We’ve been regularly submitting research to the HPC Community since ISC’17 and thanks to feedback and mentorship from incredible programs such as Women in HPC we’ve only grown in our abilities. So while we prepare to launch our work take a look at what we’ve presented before:

P.S. — Loads of links to the research can be found below, so why not see what we’ve learned in detail?

SC’19: Launch of OpenFlightHPC open-source

Our journey into the cloud for high performance computing started in 2016. While on that journey we started to document lessons learned at each research event and compiled those into several project posters and talks. The first three years of our work culminated at SC’19 with our acceptance into the research poster category. This poster outlines nearly everything we learned on cloud and set the foundation in place for OpenFlightHPC — our open-source HPC stack builder.

ISC’20: OpenFlightHPC takes the spotlight

Our June, 2020 lightning talk and poster covers of the basics of the OpenFlightHPC project with this round focusing on the methodology behind the technology. OpenFlightHPC is now forming the basis of our current client and research work and underpins the three concepts we want to explore through our Business as Unusual series.


We are very excited to announce we’ve had two projects selected for SC’20 and we’re now working with the research teams to get these ready to share. Releases will be coming in our Business as Unusual series as both came about due to the changes the pandemic brought on HPC.

Thanks for helping us focus!

Our survey results are now being calculated and we’re about to start up our next research project soon. Thank you for helping us help the HPC Community.

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