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Are you looking for the latest information and news on cloud HPC and the Alces Flight solution? Then look no further. We have a mailing list dedicated to sending you the most current updates from the Flight Crew. Emails can include news on the most recent tool releases, customer and partner stories, white papers, and live events you can attend to get hands on with all the latest tools.

We also offer up free access on occasion, no cloud computing accounts required. We generally drop emails out about once a quarter, but sometimes more - especially if there is a lot going on and we don't want you to miss out.

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The Alces Flight Community is a place to ask for help, advice and tips for working with Alces Flight Compute and Alces Gridware, and to chat about your experiences.

If you encounter a bug or have an enhancement request please post a topic. Somebody else in the community may have had a similar problem and be able to help you out! Staff members actively engage in the community and will frequently be around to offer you help and advice regarding your problem.

You'll also find out about new releases of Alces Flight Compute and additional applications and libraries as they are added to the main Alces Gridware package repository.

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Alces are a team of specialists in High Performance Computing (HPC) software for scientists, engineers and researchers. Based in the UK, Alces designs, builds and supports environments to help users make efficient use of the compute and storage resources available to them. Our products are designed to support both existing users with software that is familiar to them, and help first-time users to discover, learn and develop their HPC skills.

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