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Embracing Sustainability: UK KTN Green Computing Workshop

Reporting by Dominik Wojtak

Are you passionate about reducing the environmental impact of high-performance computing (HPC) systems? Join us at the upcoming workshop in Manchester on Tuesday, 26 March, where industry leaders and experts will explore their green computing ambitions. This event, delves into the realm of sustainability and diversity within the HPC industry, features insightful sessions by our CEO Michael Rudgyard and CMO Cristin Merritt.

Registration is now open! Check out what the Alces Flight crew will be bringing to the event.

Michael Rudgyard presents: The Evolution of HPC for a Sustainable World

Michael Rudgyard’s talk is an eye-opening exploration of the evolution of HPC for a sustainable world. Historically, HPC systems procurement focused on hardware specifications, but Michael will highlight the broader implications encompassing social and ecological consequences. He will dive into the intricate details of the carbon footprint associated with HPC systems, addressing both embedded carbon and operational emissions. Amid increasing pressure for organisations to disclose their carbon footprint, Michael’s talk plans to navigate the complexities of carbon measurement, aiming to identify measurable parameters and take proactive steps towards mitigating the overall environmental impact of HPC systems.

Cristin Merritt presents: Move the Needle Project

Cristin Merritt is leading a session for Women in HPC (WHPC) on the ‘Move the Needle Project.’ This initiative, in collaboration with Alces Flight, aims to foster diversity and inclusivity in HPC. By tracking actions taken by individuals and teams to drive positive change, the project contributes to creating a more inclusive and equitable HPC community.  In this interactive session, Cristin will lead participants in an open forum discussion around the many ways our community is working to progress inclusivity initiatives.  Utilising a series of polls and voting tools she will tailor this session to meet the needs of online and in-person attendees, focusing specifically on the areas that the community wishes to discuss on progressing social sustainability alongside green computing initiatives. 

Who Should Attend?

This event caters to a diverse audience, united by a shared goal of reducing the environmental footprint of compute resources. Ideal attendees include software start-ups keen on transparency throughout their business, SMEs using cloud resources, and cloud providers aiming to minimise their service’s environmental impact will find valuable insights. Researchers and practitioners across various fields, whether they’re well-versed or just beginning to consider solutions to environmental sustainability, are encouraged to participate. Be part of the conversation and join us in Manchester or online for an enriching experience at the intersection of green computing, diversity, and innovation.

Location and Online Option

This event will be held on March 26, 2024 at the 1830 Warehouse, part of the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.  This venue also provides hybrid participation, so online tickets will also be available.

Registration is now open.  We look forward to seeing you!

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