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In continued pursuit of equitable HPC at SC’23

Alces Flight continues support for Women in HPC, facilitating their annual SC workshop as well as organising this year’s conference networking reception at The Curtis Hotel.

In the dynamic landscape of High-Performance Computing (HPC), underrepresented groups are playing an increasingly vital role in breaking barriers and reshaping our industry. Alces Flight’s involvement with Women in HPC (WHPC) started over 5 years ago and we are continuing our commitment to focusing on the challenges and triumphs of women and other minority groups in HPC.

Our CMO for Alces Flight, Cristin Merritt, who also serves on the WHPC Executive Board, was pleased to represent ourselves and the WHPC community by speaking with insideHPC on the subject of diversity, equity, and inclusion at HPC conferences.  Here’s what she had to say about the work of WHPC and SC:

Alces Flight and WHPC at SC’23

The Alces Flight team volunteered with WHPC at various capacities throughout SC’23. Our members helped facilitate the well-attended WHPC workshop, which reached maximum capacity multiple times and held an audience that displayed both inspiration and passion. The workshop’s focus was on uniting our community groups to celebrate leadership, women in technology, and emerging young innovators. Further, Alces Flight once again organized and helped sponsor the evening networking reception, providing a welcoming space for all attendees to connect in a secure environment, with abundant food, drinks, and networking opportunities. 

Special thanks to the WHPC media supporters!

WHPC received media support from both insideHPC and HPCwire throughout the reception and workshop during the SC’23 conference.   Also, a special thanks to Purdue University for additional media coverage.  We are grateful to their staff for the time and effort spent in interviewing the many faces of WHPC and our organisation and are looking forward to their conference wrap-ups!

About Women in HPC (WHPC)

Women in HPC (WHPC) is a community-driven organization that promotes the success and participation of women and underrepresented groups in HPC. WHPC provides people with networking opportunities, events and advocates for gender diversity in the HPC community.

WHPC is shaping the future of high-performance computing and technology. The HPC community recognizes the accomplishments and challenges underrepresented groups face; it is vital for all to foster an environment where everyone, regardless of gender and background, can thrive. By embracing diversity our field can unlock new possibilities, drive innovation, and an inclusive future for HPC.

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