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With Alces Flight services you are in control.

We believe that our customers deserve the best when seeking out services in HPC. From plans covering proactive management of HPC solutions on any platform, to creating quick, efficient, on-demand HPC environments in the cloud - we have you covered.

Services versus support: what’s the difference?

Every HPC solution comes with a host of support plans covering everything from the hardware to your applications. The problem is support is generally only called upon when something breaks — and the symptom is frequently not covered by the same support plan as the root cause. This is why the team at Alces Flight put together service plans, backed by Alces Flight Center, allowing your HPC systems to be addressed holistically.

How do we do it? By putting resiliency, repeatability, and responsibility controls on what we do - in short - by putting proactive and automated processes in place to ensure you get the best from your solution at all times.

Services vs Support

Service plans

At Alces Flight we integrate three key elements into the service we provide: make it central; know who is responsible; and manage change effectively.

Service plan diagram

Alces Flight Center: Your hub for HPC resiliency

Alces Flight Center provides a single point of reference for all our service plans. From getting information on your solution quickly, to reviewing maintenance, to logging cases and requests - with Alces Flight Center you get a complete picture of what is happening now… and can guide you on where you need to go next in HPC.

Flexible service plans: know who is responsible

At Alces Flight we know that an HPC solution is comprised of many different parts - this is why we offer flexible service plans which range from fully managed to bespoke levels. Each part of your solution - called a component - can have its own service policy applied which you can adjust to work for your institution. Budget conscious and crave detail on how your solution is really working? Then a managed policy is right for you. Mature system with battle-tested processes in place? Then we can customise our service plans to look after gaps that we work together to identify in order to keep you on top of your game.

Customisation when you need it

We know that even the most well-architected solutions need a bit of extra work now and then. This is why we offer service credits to provide coverage for applying change requests to your HPC solution. We provide statements of work (SOWs) and detailed reports that you can review and approve in Alces Flight Center, keeping you informed of exactly what changes were made to your systems and when, and providing up-to-date records as your solution evolves.

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Make it repeatable: cloud HPC environments on-demand

The Alces Flight Launch service was designed to get users up and running, quickly and efficiently, with a public cloud HPC environment in 15 minutes or less.* Rapidly delivering a ready-to-go HPC cluster, complete with job scheduler and applications, the Alces Flight Launch service can be used to rapidly perform any HPC task including application testing and user training - the cluster environment is all yours to do with as you please! Simply select the HPC cluster you want to evaluate, enter your Flight Launch token, cluster name, and an email address for notifications and you are ready to go.

Clusters are deployed in a private networked environment for security, and provide SSH terminal access and graphical desktop capabilities for users. Data management tools for POSIX and object storage are also included to help users transfer files and manage storage resources.

Our free service is available to anyone who wishes to apply for credits, no public cloud account required. Want to give it a try?

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* Depending on size of HPC cluster selected to run within the Flight Launch Service. Average timings indicate a 5-10 minute launch with Standard and Performance Clusters, and a 5-15 minute launch with GPU Clusters.