HPC done right.

Welcome aboard Alces Flight solutions.

The Alces Flight crew builds HPC solutions on bare-metal, virtualised, public cloud, and hybrid platforms. From small to large, general to bespoke, our solutions centre around products providing dedicated systems for keeping your HPC environments operating optimally, so you're free to focus on your end users.

Alces Flight Center

Alces Flight Center is your hub for procuring, building and maintaining a resilient HPC solution. Coupled with a proactive managed services offering, Alces Flight Center enables you to focus on the evolution of your solution without the bother of day-to-day maintenance, freeing you to focus on supporting the areas of research that matter most to your organisation.

Know what is happening at a glance

Alces Flight Center provides a complete dashboard-based overview of your HPC solutions, allowing you to quickly check on the status of individual service components, view historical enhancements and modifications, and submit requests to our team of HPC experts.

Service plan diagram
Daily checks diagram

Stay informed of maintenance and performance

Alces Flight Center displays the results of a comprehensive suite of daily maintenance and efficiency checks, performed to ensure you are getting the most out of your solution and finding issues before they become problems. Notice something needing attention? Alces Flight Center is your central repository for reporting situations or requests as they crop up and viewing a complete history for work performed to address them.

Clear lines between ownership and responsibility

With Alces Flight Center you're in control of the levels of ownership through our range of managed service packages. Choose which areas and levels of service you want to have - managed, consultancy, or advice. Purchase service credits to cover off change requests or consultancy. Best of all, you can track what is happening with your solution and make better decisions on where your solution is headed to next.

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Alces Flight supports open source

Our team is dedicated to making HPC as accessible as possible to the global community. To achieve this goal means we actively contribute to and manage open-source projects. When building our solutions we start in the open-source community and then build on those projects to generate a fully-featured commercial solution to suit you. We fix bugs and create new features along the way - but we don’t keep that knowledge to ourselves! We feed the benefits back to the HPC community.

The open source movement promotes global contributions and ideas in technology. It opens the world up to examining the work we do, and provides us with the opportunity to develop and improve in ways we might not have imagined. We are excited to be part of this community and invite everyone to join us.

Visit the OpenFlightHPC project.