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Supporting Global Change: Alces Flight’s Commitment to Charitable Causes

At Alces Flight, we understand the urgency of addressing climate change, promoting global education, and raising awareness about pressing issues. In 2023/2024, we are proud to announce the charities we will be supporting for the next 12 months: World Neighbours, CureSearch, and Blue Marine Foundation.

World Neighbours:
World Neighbours empowers communities by encouraging them to develop sustainable solutions. Through comprehensive programs in agriculture, literacy, water, health, leadership, financial management, and environmental protection, World Neighbours fosters community engagement and creates enduring positive change. By listening to communities’ unique needs and fostering long-term solutions, World Neighbours is dedicated to creating lasting impacts.

CureSearch is on a mission to eradicate childhood cancer by driving innovative research. Recognizing the challenges and gaps in drug development, CureSearch implements a pioneering strategy to address the critical need for new and improved childhood cancer treatments. By accelerating the development of safe and effective treatments, CureSearch is transforming the landscape of childhood cancer care, striving to make a difference for the 42 children diagnosed with cancer every day.

Blue Marine Foundation:
Blue Marine Foundation focuses on enhancing marine governance and supporting communities at the forefront of ocean conservation efforts. Their strategic interventions include establishing marine protected areas, sustainable fishing models, and habitat restoration initiatives. By securing marine habitats, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and safeguarding vulnerable species, Blue Marine Foundation is dedicated to conserving our oceans and fostering environmental sustainability.

Special to all UK events – Shelter:

Shelter helps people in housing need by providing advice and practical assistance, and campaigns for better investment in housing and for laws and policies to improve the lives of homeless and badly housed people. Shelter works in partnership with Shelter Cymru in Wales and the Housing Rights Service in Northern Ireland.

We are excited to support these causes by channeling our marketing funds through our unique initiative, ‘Our Money, Your Choice.’ This program empowers you to actively engage in our contribution to these transformative initiatives. At our in-person events, attendees can earn ‘Flight Tokens’ to make donations to the specified charities on our behalf. In return, participants will receive exclusive pins and stickers for participating in our efforts!

We eagerly anticipate the positive impact our annual program will bring and look forward to inspiring similar initiatives at future HPC events. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and create a better world for all.

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