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Gain total control over your HPC system

Are you finding yourself with more in HPC? More requirements, more solutions, more end users? You are not alone. Alces Flight offers managed services, providing the tools and systems for a future-proof HPC solution.

  • Utilise Alces Flight products to track and record solution activity.
  • Have the power to automate and remote monitor services. 

Read on to learn about our core offering for Team Leads, or check out our products.

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Put everything in one place

Streamline your HPC management with Alces Flight Center. From basic checks to complex service requests, Flight Center consolidates all your HPC details in one place, freeing you to focus on growth and development.

  • Central dashboard display of all active HPC components.
  • Historical record keeping to track enhancements and modifications
  • Comprehensive suite of checks and automations.

Alces Flight Center forms the core of our managed service offering and is designed specifically for organising all of your HPC cluster and environment components. Learn more about what makes up Flight Center, or contact us today to start your subscription.

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Products for Greater HPC Efficiency

Our products are built to ease the burden of day-to-day HPC management and deployment. From centralisation, to budget management, monitoring, and security – the Alces Flight crew has all the tools you need to succeed in supercomputing.

  • Enterprise and end-user offerings for fast, dependable HPC
  • Appliances for value-added benefits
  • Agnostic platform development
  • Subscription-based

Contact us today to learn more about how we implement best practices for continuous improvement.

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At Alces Flight, we embrace the ‘Four Pillars’ of sustainable supercomputing, focusing on installation, maintenance, evolution, and collaboration with people. We are deeply committed to the vital role HPC plays in environmental impact and solving global challenges

  • Active community and open-source contributors.
  • Careful thought in software development and accessibility.
  • Complete physical assessment and process for installing, improving, and decommissioning hardware.
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Have an existing system you want to Transition to Alces Flight? We’re here to help.

Boost your current HPC setup with our managed services. No need to wait for the next implementation; starting a managed services plan is an ideal step toward future planning.

  • Get a comprehensive audit of your existing installation.
  • Receive a detailed set of system documentation.
  • Have planned recommendations and next steps.