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The nUCLeus Project — Three Years On

Almost three years after the COVID-19 pandemic pushed HPC education online the investment made in creating a portable HPC workflow continues to pay off for CompBioMed

It seems like a lifetime ago that the Alces Flight crew joined forces with CompBioMed partners UCL and the University of Sheffield to launch nUCLeus, a portable HPC project geared specifically towards teaching medical students about the potential of HPC. Initially done in response to the pandemic, nUCLeus has spent the past few years moving from platform to platform utilising public cloud, hardware, and private cloud, to enlighten and educate students about the power of supercomputing.

nUCLeus’ success can be linked to three key factors:

  • A dedicated team of teachers, researchers, and support staff.
  • The decision to place up-front investment in producing a portable education workflow utilising HPC best practice.
  • Maintaining a core goal to remain persistently collaborative — and thereby committing this project to constant improvement.

We are pleased to announce that on March 22, 2023 we are leading a virtual seminar on the lessons that nUCLeus has taught us, walking you through the highs and lows that brought about one of our most successful collaborative education projects to date. Attendance is free and we look forward to seeing you online.

If you want to read more about the initial project, check out our success story.

And, if you want to learn more about how Alces Flight can build your next HPC project then get in touch

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