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Two Alces Flight Projects receive 2022 HPCWire Reader’s Choice Nominations

The Alces Flight crew were humbled to learn this morning that we have been nominated as part of not one, but two projects which have been shortlisted for the HPCWire Reader’s Choice Awards for 2022. We are deeply grateful to the community, as well as our partners and collaborators in seeing both of these universities recognised for their incredible work in HPC. Voting is open until October 7th! Here’s a bit of detail on both these great pieces of work.

University of York

During 2021/22 the University of York’s Research Computing Team and the Department of Psychology utilised their Viking HPC Cluster (built on Dell EMC) alongside of Microsoft Azure to undertake extensive work in identifying the ‘invisible markers’ of breast cancer in women. This research focused heavily on the power of HPC and Machine Learning (ML), specifically on utilising interactive workloads. We are proud that this team not only leveraged onsite and public cloud resources to make this research possible, but that thanks to this work we are edging closer to the breakthroughs needed in cancer diagnosis and treatment. Read more about the project.

University of Stirling

Also starting in 2021 and continuing into 2022 the University of Stirling’s Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences are undertaking the build out of a Cloud HPC Laboratory for Scotland’s International Environment Center (SIEC). This lab is focused on Green Monitoring — starting with measuring the water quality in the Firth of Forth. With an even bigger goal to help measure the all of Scotland’s drinking and bathing sources the team needed to build a solid platform upon which to transition their research to scale. Their starting point? Two decades of work in perfecting results from satellite data. Read more about the project, as well as their aim to make sure their work in HPC is sustainable.

… and an Honourable Mention

We were also thrilled to see Women in HPC receive a nomination for Diversity & Inclusivity! It was wonderful to see a long list of projects and institutions working on a more open and welcoming community and we are proud to be a part of the growing movement for positive change.

Remember to cast your vote for some great projects. And thank you again to the HPC community for nominating us!

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