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Effortless HPC.

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Self-configuring High Performance Compute environment - jump straight to the science instead of configuration.


Simple installation of over 1,000 Linux applications, accelerated libraries and compilers.


Share your analysis, methodology and results consistently across research teams.


Easily access your personal cluster using integrated remote desktops.


Effortlessly store and retrieve your data sets, results and workflows.


Perform your scientific computing with efficiency and speed.

What is Alces Flight Compute?

Alces Flight Compute provides a fully-featured, scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for research and scientific computing.

Compatible with both on-demand and spot instances, Flight rapidly delivers a whole HPC cluster, ready to go and complete with job scheduler and applications.

Clusters are deployed in a Virtual Private Cluster (VPC) environment for security, with SSH and graphical-desktop connectivity for users. Data management tools for POSIX and S3 object storage are also included to help users transfer files and manage storage resources.

What makes Alces Flight Compute unique?

Alces Flight Compute is configured with Alces Gridware, putting over 1,000 applications and libraries at your fingertips — with more additions all the time.

With Alces Flight Compute you can install quickly and get into the research immediately. You can choose from depots available for quick batch deployment of popular applications, or install core applications knowing that dependencies will automatically appear alongside. Need multiple versions of the same applications? Alces Flight Compute handles this seamlessly, ensuring you've got absolutely everything you need and allowing your analysis to start as quickly as possible.

We add new applications all the time. Why not check out a list of what is currently available? And if you don't see what you need, contact us on the community site or by email to see if your application can be integrated into our software.

Launch Alces Flight Solo.

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HPC job scheduler (GridScheduler)
Alces Gridware software library
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Enhanced storage options (separate volumes, encryption)  
Pre-installed software packs  
Dedicated support area  
Multi-user environments    
Companion appliances (collaboration, data management)    
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Get started with Alces Flight Compute.

Watch our series of introductory videos showing how to run an Alces Flight Compute cluster launched on AWS.

Documentation and guides.

Check out our open source work or download the latest white papers.

Available online, our comprehensive Alces Flight appliance documentation provides an invaluable reference for working with Alces Flight Compute as well as simple-to-understand introductory user guides. The documentation is aimed at those interested in:

  • Grabbing a comprehensive view of our product

  • Seeking knowledge about the public clouds we support

  • Looking to get started on our product as quickly as possible

  • Checking out the latest developments

View the online documentation

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. Advanced users may wish to adapt or configure clusters in different ways, and our open-source projects provide a self-service option that puts you in control.

From application and job scheduler configuration to integration with a site-specific authentication system or working with different storage and infrastructure platforms — it's up to you!

Of course, for those who want a little more support, our Solo Professional and Enterprise edtions may be a better fit; please contact us for more information.

Visit our open source project

Choose from our white papers — available for download with topics including:

Alces Flight Compute on AWS

Your guide to how Alces Flight Compute, Solo Edition, works with AWS.

AWS Spot Market and Alces Flight Compute

Want to get the best cost from AWS? Read up on how the AWS spot market works.

NFS Storage Solutions with Alces Flight Compute

Considering NFS storage? Here's how it works with Alces Flight Compute.

Data management on AWS with Alces Flight

Wondering how to make best use of AWS storage services? Discover their features and performance characteristics.

Using your own AWS VPC with Alces Flight

Already got your network configuration ready? Find out how to deploy Alces Flight Compute into your existing environment.

Networking with Alces Flight

Have advanced networking requirements? Read about our recommended performance settings for high-performance networking and different network topologies.

Customising Alces Flight Compute

Need something tuned to your requirements? Use Alces Flight Compute's customization features to personalize your clusters each time they're launched.

HPC for Less on AWS

Reduce your costs by finding out when and how to deploy different instance types and choose the right storage service configurations for your clusters.

Enabling a parallel shared filesystem on an Alces Flight cluster

Discussion of methods for deploying an on-demand parallel filesystem to support an Alces Flight Solo compute cluster.

Alces Flight Solo clusters on IBM SoftLayer

Using Alces Flight Solo on the IBM SoftLayer public cloud platform.

Introduction to Containers on Alces Flight with Docker

Want to run container images on Flight? Here's how Docker can be used with Alces Flight on AWS to deploy containers.

Alces Flight Solo Clusters on Microsoft Azure

Using Alces Flight Solo on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

Download white papers

The Alces Flight Community.

Choose the level of engagement that suits you.

Community support

If you have a question, encounter a bug or have an enhancement request to make why not visit our public community portal. The Alces Flight Crew may be available to respond to your request, or you may find that somebody else in the community has had a similar problem and can help you out.

Staff members actively engage in the community and will frequently be available to offer help and advice regarding your problem. However please note that there is no guaranteed response time to customer requests. Should you require immediate assistance then the Solo Professional or Enterprise editions may be a better choice.

Visit the Alces Flight community

Commercial support

If you're seeking enhanced features, access to further configuration options or looking to build a multi-user platform, our subscription-based Solo Professional and bespoke Enterprise editions of Alces Flight may better suit your needs.

As a Solo Professional or Enterprise customer, you'll have access to a dedicated area on the community support site where you can raise issues which will be responded to by staff members in accordance with your SLA.

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About the Alces Flight Crew

Alces are a team of specialists in High Performance Computing (HPC) software for scientists, engineers and researchers. Based in the UK, Alces designs, builds and supports environments to help users make efficient use of the compute and storage resources available to them. Our products are designed to support both existing users with software that is familiar to them, and help first-time users to discover, learn and develop their HPC skills.