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Effortless HPC on demand

Launching soon in AWS Marketplace.

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Self-configuring High Performance Compute environment - jump straight to the science instead of configuration.


Simple installation of over 750 Linux applications, accelerated libraries and compilers.


Share your analysis, methodology and results consistently across research teams.


Easily access your personal cluster using integrated remote desktops.


Effortlessly store and retrieve your data sets, results and workflows.


Perform your scientific computing with efficiency and speed.

About Alces Flight

Alces Flight are a team of specialists in High Performance Computing (HPC) software for scientists, engineers and researchers. Based in the UK, Alces designs, builds and supports environments to help users make efficient use of the compute and storage resources available to them. Our products are designed to support both existing users with software that is familiar to them, and help first-time users to discover, learn and develop their HPC skills.

What is Alces Flight Compute?

Enabling scientific computation

Alces Flight Compute provides a fully-featured, scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for research and scientific computing.

Compatible with both on-demand and spot instances, Flight rapidly delivers a whole HPC cluster, ready to go and complete with job scheduler and applications.

Clusters are deployed in a Virtual Private Cluster (VPC) environment for security, with SSH and graphical-desktop connectivity for users. Data management tools for POSIX and S3 object storage are also included to help users transfer files and manage storage resources.

Get started with Alces Flight Compute.

Watch our series of introductory videos showing how to run an Alces Flight Compute cluster launched on AWS.

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