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Next Generation Computing

In the past decade, supercomputing has witnessed a surge in innovations, including cloud technology and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) with HPC. At Alces Flight, our seasoned experts excel in AI/ML, having executed numerous hardware and HPC projects to facilitate seamless onboarding of new initiatives. Contact us to discover how we empower next-gen supercomputing.

Awards Flipped

Success Stories - University of Liverpool and University of York


Both universities approached us seeking innovative strategies to meet the growing demand for AI/ML capabilities in HPC. Leveraging a hybrid approach and cloud-ready systems, their post-HPC processing projects have empowered users to swiftly initiate and elevate their AI/ML capabilities.

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Managed Services

Ready to level up your HPC service with new technologies? Then consider our managed service subscriptions. Consolidate your knowledge in one location, free up your time (and your team) to focus on new installations and optimisations. Learn more about how we run our services and set yourself for effortless HPC management today.

Building your HPC solution for AI/ML

Interested in incorporating AI/ML capabilities? Whether it’s integrating hardware components or managing entire environments, our team handles it all. We follow a meticulous process for all installations, ensuring end-to-end sustainability checks. Contact us today with your requirements, and let’s bring your vision to life.

Partnerships and Collaborators

Don’t feel limited by your ideas in building new technologies. At Alces, we work in partnership with several of the best in technology, including:
  • Hardware vendors: ATOS, Cisco, Cornellis, DDN, Dell, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Netapp, Nvidia, Panasas, Schneider Electric, Supermicro.
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware.
  • Value-added resellers: Boston, DTP, Exertis Hammer, Fujitsu, MTI, Phoenix Software, ROC Technologies (Esteem Systems), Softcat, TechData, TecTrade.
  • Software Providers: AMD, Arm, BeeGFS, Intel, OpenFlightHPC, OpenHPC, Quobyte, Redhat, Starfish, SuSE, WEKA.

Contact us today to discuss your integration requirements.