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Celebrating University of York’s UCISA Awards Win for Sustainable Digital Initiative

The University of York has been awarded the prestigious UCISA Award for Sustainable Digital Project or Initiative, a testament to its pioneering efforts in revolutionising digital practices while championing sustainability. Presented during the UCISA 24 Leadership Conference on May 14th, this accolade acknowledges the university’s groundbreaking projects, including the launch of Viking 2, its latest HPC cluster.

Constructed and managed by Alces Flight and housed at EcoDataCenter in Sweden, Viking 2 represents the Research Computing team’s progressive leap toward expanding research capabilities while minimising carbon footprint. Located at an EcoDataCenter site powered by renewable energy, the data centre takes their commitment to ecological computing and storage even higher through building their facilities using locally sourced timber and redirecting residual heat to a nearby facility that converts waste timber into fuel pellets. This holistic approach ensures that the University of York not only achieves excellence in HPC research but also upholds ecological sustainability principles to the highest degree.

A photo of Viking 2 located at EcoDataCenter.

The recognition bestowed upon the University of York underscores its leadership and vision in fostering sustainability and innovation. This award not only celebrates the university’s achievements but also serves as inspiration for institutions worldwide to prioritise sustainability in their digital endeavours.

Congratulations to the University of York and for setting a shining example for the global academic community.

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