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CIUK 2023: Who got crowned the champions of the competition?

After eight challenges split across online and in-person events, Team Isambards from the University of Bristol emerges victorious.

In a thrilling culmination of skills, innovation, and teamwork, the CIUK Student Cluster Challenge concluded its fourth competition with the most exciting year yet. The conference floor was buzzing with energy as 11 teams geared up for the in person challenges at Manchester Central.

This year, Alces tasked students with an ‘Escape Room’ task – aiding Monty the Moose in regaining control of their system, recovering the workload, and achieving results within a three hour timeframe. The challenge demanded a combination of problem-solving skills, teamwork, and a fervent enthusiasm to decipher puzzles and riddles presented to the teams.  We even hid a secret hacker amongst attendees for the students to seek out!

The student’s showcased incredible efforts during the intense competition and demanding challenges. And while Bath Overflow took our event, it was the Isambards from the University of Bristol who took the overall crown.  Their victory speaks volumes about the dedication and capabilities of the team members who navigated the complex challenges with ease.  We were happy to see all of the teams cross the finish line, and look forward to next year’s event. Want to learn more about our 2023 online challenge?  Check out our blog! 

To catch a glimpse of students thoughts on HPC and what makes this field so extraordinary, be sure to check out our highlights video: 

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