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Empowering Sustainable Innovations in Computing

The recent UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Green Computing event held at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry served as a pivotal moment for industry leaders, academics, and researchers to converge and explore the intersection of technology and sustainability. In an era marked by growing concerns about the environmental impact of computing technologies, this event provided a platform to address these pressing issues and advocate for collective action towards sustainability.

Key Insights:

CEO Michael Rudgyard delivered a keynote presentation on the role of high-performance computing (HPC) in fostering a sustainable future. Under the theme “HPC for Sustainable World,” Rudgyard emphasised the significance of technical innovation in mitigating environmental impacts. He shared research findings aimed at understanding carbon emissions and achieving net-zero goals, underscoring the critical importance of aligning computing practices with environmental sustainability.

CMO Cristin Merritt led an engaging session titled “Move the Needle: Social Sustainability,” highlighting the importance of promoting social sustainability within the field of technology and high-performance computing. Discussions centred on staffing and engagement as key areas for fostering inclusivity. Through interactive dialogues, attendees shared insights and challenges, exploring strategies to promote social sustainability within their organisations and communities.

Collaborative Endeavours:

The event served as a catalyst for collaboration, providing a platform for networking, idea exchange, and partnership building. Attendees, ranging from industry pioneers to emerging researchers, brought diverse perspectives to the table, collectively charting a course toward a more sustainable computing ecosystem.

As we reflect on the insights gleaned from the UKRI Green Computing event, it’s evident that a concerted effort is needed to champion sustainability in computing. By harnessing the power of innovation and collaboration, we can pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. Let us continue to advocate for responsible resource management, reduce carbon footprints, and promote social inclusivity within the technology landscape. Together, we can leverage technology as a force for good in combating climate change and environmental degradation.

Looking Forward:

In the coming weeks we will be presenting deeper insights on this event as the UKRI team compile the recordings and slides from the day.  Stay tuned for more information about the work being undertaken in sustainability from Alces Flight and the UKRI presenters.

Thank you for joining our ongoing journey towards a more sustainable computing paradigm.

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