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End User

Flight Solo

Jump straight into the science

Build and run your HPC environment with Alces Flight. Our cluster products and tools are user-friendly and come in both free and low-cost models.

  • Create on-demand HPC environments with public cloud.
  • Build rapid environments on your hardware resource.
  • Test ideas, speed results, and build requirements for bigger systems.

With Alces Flight you can grow your HPC knowledge.

Alces Flight Center

Start with Open Source

Need to get results fast? Then head to our Flight Solo open source project – part of OpenFlightHPC. Rapidly delivering a whole HPC cluster environment, Flight Solo includes a job scheduler, applications, and remote desktop service out-of-the-box.

  • Software Application Frameworks (ex. SPack, Easybuild, Conda) included!
  • Data management tools for POSIX and S3 object storage
  • Delivers the HPC cluster you need, right to your desktop
The best part of Flight Solo is that it is entirely free to use or download. What are you waiting for?

Build Sustainably with Concertim

We get it, you are after a quick solution – but what about the long term? At Alces Flight we are all about building a green legacy and ensuring that every tool we produce scales with our users. This flows over into our larger projects, including how we manage hardware and how we embrace technical change. Ready to scale to the next level?  Then take a look at Concertim. 

The importance of community

As integrators we are all about bringing people together to solve problems. If you are looking at levelling up your skills why not consider joining in with these great groups and events?

  • Local and global communities: HPC SIG, N8 CIR, Society of Research Software Engineering (RSE), CompBioMed and Women in HPC (WHPC)
  • Conference Series: Supercomputing (SC), International Supercomputing (ISC), Computing Insight UK (CIUK), and the HPC Knowledge Portal