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Hardware Installation

Build for today and tomorrow

For over 15 years, Alces Flight has been leading HPC cluster builds in the UK and Northern Europe, pioneering cloud methodology in solution architecture. Now, we’re actively collaborating to minimize ecological impact in supercomputing. With Alces Flight we provide:

  • Detailed System Audits: Assess your current setup.
  • Custom Cloud Solutions: Tailored designs for cloud readiness.
  • Flexible Managed Services: Diverse packages to meet specific needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Sustainability-focused solutions.
  • Additional Offerings: Access to appliances and products.
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Flexible Integration Offerings

Crafting your ideal HPC setup can be daunting. Alces Flight offers integration packages from basics to full-scale management, simplifying the process.

  • Minimise your risk
  • Centralise your HPC cluster and service knowledge
  • Build agnostically
You can check out all our integration packages in our Services section.
Awards Flipped

Success Story: City, University of London

The team at City, University of London utilised Alces Flight to unify their HPC solution offering for the whole of the university. From installation to management the aim of the team was to increase overall accessibility to supercomputing to their staff, researchers and students without sacrificing quality.
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Managed Services

We can compliment your integration with a managed services package that suits your HPC team and service offering.
  • Seeking process automation and optimization?
  • Ready to enhance your team’s skills or transition to new technologies?
  • Facing requests for diverse services, platforms, or technologies?

Alces managed services brings that next level of care after installation and integration. 


Products - Bring it together

Our products simplify HPC management and deployment, covering centralization, budgeting, monitoring, and security. Alces Flight provides all the tools for supercomputing success.

  • Covering from enterprise to end user
  • Appliances with benefits from security to budget management
  • Open source for exploration and enhancement

Our products are part of our overall service offering – from testing hardware to complete managed services packages, learn more about how we make HPC happen.

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At Alces Flight, we adhere to the ‘Four Pillars’ of supercomputing sustainability, focusing on installation, maintenance, evolution, and collaboration. Our team is passionate about our work, recognizing HPC’s impact on the environment and its role in addressing global challenges.

  • Complete physical assessment and process for installing, improving, and decommissioning hardware.
  • Careful thought in software development and accessibility.
  • Active community and open-source contributors.

Alces Flight is committed to providing cleaner, green HPC.