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Long-term sustainability and business continuity

With a rising focus on net zero and green computing, Alces Flight acknowledges the need for our clients to meet ecological targets swiftly. That’s why we’ve adopted sustainable practices from how we build to how we look after clusters and cluster environments.

  • Holistic Sustainability Approach: Sustainable practices for everything we builds.
  • Efficient Cluster Management: Streamlined management for clusters and environments.
  • Renewable Energy Partnerships: Collaborations with renewable energy data centers.
  • Flexible Hardware and Cloud Solutions: Agnostic development for maximum flexibility.
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Awards Flipped

Success Story: Renewable Energy HPC


“The University of York is making significant strides towards its net zero supercomputing goal, aiming to reach it well before the 2030 deadline. Their initial move involves transferring their primary computing power to a renewable energy facility committed to circular energy design, minimizing power waste to achieve their sustainability objectives.


HPC shouldn’t cost the earth

Our sustainability methodology is built on four pillars:

  • How your HPC solution is installed.
  • How your HPC solution is maintained.
  • How your HPC solution works with people.
  • How your HPC solution can evolve.

We follow a product and process methodology, constantly striving to lower production costs and transition installation and management to greener HPC practices. Discover our comprehensive sustainability approach or reach out to learn more.

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Managed Services

To get to net zero in HPC requires the right partnerships and collaboration. At Alces Flight, we run comprehensive managed service subscriptions in order to empower our users to focus on getting the best out of their system. From end-to-end transformation to optimisation, choosing to work with us as a services provider can set you on the path towards your net zero goal.

Ultimate Flexibility

Alces Flight collaborates with top-tier hardware and cloud providers, offering you the flexibility to customize your HPC solution based on your net zero and sustainability objectives. We take pride in meeting our clients’ needs. Explore our partnerships on our integrations page or reach out to us for details.

  • Hardware vendors: ATOS, Cisco, Cornellis, DDN, Dell, HPE, IBM, Lenovo, Netapp, Nvidia, Panasas, Schneider Electric, Supermicro.
  • Cloud platforms: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack, VMware.
  • Value-added resellers: Boston, DTP, Exertis Hammer, Fujitsu, MTI, Phoenix Software, ROC Technologies (Esteem Systems), Softcat, TechData, TecTrade.
  • Software Providers: AMD, Arm, BeeGFS, Intel, OpenFlightHPC, OpenHPC, Quobyte, Redhat, Starfish, SuSE, WEKA.

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