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Alces Flight - Product Documentation

Alces Flight Launch Service and Compute

About to take Flight with our single-user HPC environment tools in the public cloud? Alces Flight is pleased to provide reference documentation and simple-to-understand introductory user guides. Good for those:

  • Wanting comprehensive view of our single-user products.
  • Seeking knowledge on the public clouds we support.
  • Looking to get started as quickly as possible.
  • Check any of our latest developments.

Alces Flight Open Source Projects

We believe in open-source, we work in open-source and we contribute to open-source. If you are interested in viewing and contributing to the projects we support then come in, have a look around, and join us!

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White Papers

Alces Flight Compute on AWS

Your guide to how Alces Flight Compute, Solo Edition, works with AWS.

AWS Spot Market and Alces Flight Compute

Want to get the best cost from AWS? Read up on how the AWS spot market works.

NFS Storage Solutions with Alces Flight Compute

Considering NFS storage? Here's how it works with Alces Flight Compute.

Data management on AWS with Alces Flight

Wondering how to make best use of AWS storage services? Discover their features and performance characteristics.

Using your own AWS VPC with Alces Flight

Already got your network configuration ready? Find out how to deploy Alces Flight Compute into your existing environment.

Networking with Alces Flight

Have advanced networking requirements? Read about our recommended performance settings for high-<performance networking and different network topologies.

Customising Alces Flight Compute

Need something tuned to your requirements? Use Alces Flight Compute's customization features to personalize your clusters each time they're launched.

HPC for Less on AWS

Reduce your costs by finding out when and how to deploy different instance types and choose the right storage service configurations for your clusters.

Enabling a parallel shared filesystem on an Alces Flight cluster

Discussion of methods for deploying an on-demand parallel filesystem to support an Alces Flight Solo compute cluster.

Alces Flight Solo clusters on IBM SoftLayer

Using Alces Flight Solo on the IBM SoftLayer public cloud platform.

Introduction to Containers on Alces Flight with Docker

Want to run container images on Flight? Here's how Docker can be used with Alces Flight on AWS to deploy containers.

Alces Flight Solo on Microsoft Azure

Using Alces Flight Solo on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

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Success stories

RSE Sheffield

RSE Sheffield: Desperately Seeking Supercomputer

The team at RSE Sheffield utilised Alces Flight on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create a temporary supercomputer for a two-day training course in MPI for less than forty dollars.


Ellexus: Optimising for a changing environment

Ellexus Mistral takes I/O profiling for genomic pipelines to the next level in order to maximise performance in rapidly changing public cloud environments.

Sterling Geo

Sterling Geo: Breaking the boundaries, saving lives

Sterling Geo’s partnership with the World Bank in large-scale unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) image processing surpasses technological limits to provide hope for millions of people in East Africa.

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