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Move the Needle

Accountability Team

Who are the Accountability Team?

We have gathered a small group of individuals together who are willing to share their experience over the next 12 months about what it is like to move the needle.

Recruited between December, 2023 and February, 2024 these individuals have pledged up to three goals that they will track over the coming months.

The results of their reports, combined with optional online and in-person meet-ups, will form a major part of our overall report on the state of the community.

If you are part of the “A-Team” you can login to see our meeting recordings, reports, and notes below.

Team Reports

We’re just underway in the project!  Check back here for the reports:

  • Report One: Due April/May, 2024
  • Report Two: Due June, 2024
  • Report Three: Due September/October, 2024
  • Report Four: Due December, 2024

We look forward to sharing the team’s experiences with you.

Team Meet-Ups

An optional part of our project we will be providing opportunities to meet-up online and in-person throughout 2024.  Current meet-ups:

Check back here for public meet-up notes!

If you are part of the “A-Team” you can login to see our meetings below.

Knowledge Portal

Alongside of our Accountability Team we are lucky to have several individuals and groups who have come to us to share their knowledge about moving the needle in EDIA.  As such, we’ve created a knowledge portal to capture the interviews, publications and more for ease of access.