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Move the Needle

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Move the Needle is a collaborative project between Alces Flight and Women in HPC (WHPC) focused entirely on the efforts people are making to transform our field of supercomputing to one that is more diverse and inclusive.

This is our knowledge portal.  It is where we will house any information we learn from our community as our first season goes along.

We invite you to look around and read / listen to anything and everything!  If you are looking for reports from our Accountability Team then jump to their page!  Link is below.

Program Building and Development: The Winter Classic

After years of diving deep into student cluster competitions Dan Olds (of Intersect360 Research) began to explore the concept of making HPC even more approachable and accessible.  Now in its fourth year, the Winter Classic Invitational Student Cluster Competition (ie. ‘Winter Classic’) is churning out new HPC talent by the server load.  Find out how Dan’s creativity and persistence has built an incredible program.

Links below to all the content generously provided to us from the volunteers of the Winter Classic.

Personal Development: Tranformation through Coaching

When looking to move the needle, sometimes the first (and often best step) is to start with yourself.  Through a mix of creative design and research-backed methods, Vahsti Whitfiled approaches her coaching by integrating psychological, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence aspects.  In her interview she shares the many different approaches to coaching, and how having the right coach can help you develop the tools you need to succeed.

Mentorship: Nurturing Growth

Planning for the future involves creating a lasting legacy, and according to Jay Lofstead of Sandia National Laboratories, mentorship plays a crucial role in ensuring a brighter tomorrow. Explore how Jay orchestrates mentorship programs and shares insights on fostering growth in our latest Move the Needle feature.

Engagement: Putting People First

Since 2011 the ISC High Performance Conference Series has been working towards a steady build up of social sustainability programs. 

From their first Global Engagement Group to their recent expansion of Early Career and Collaboration Partnerships find out why this conference strives for both technical and social inclusion.

Special thanks to Nages Sieslack, who kindly gave her time to talk about social engagement at scale.

Coming Soon: Program Building - Volunteer-led Organisations

From working groups, special interest, and open source: Volunteer-led projects and organisations form a big part of our community.

We’ll be speaking with some of our most active volunteer teams to gather insights and lessons learned on what it means to be part of outreach.