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Unveiling Our Sustainability Strategy

The Flight crew is pleased to launch our Sustainability Strategy, showcasing our commitment to long-term and ecological development within the High-Performance Computing (HPC) industry. This strategy not only reflects our performance but also outlines our ambitions, actions, targets, and the ongoing efforts to measure our progress in this field.

“At Alces Flight, we consider HPC more than just technology. For us, HPC is a potential driver of positive change. We are committed to innovation that meets ethical, societal, and environmental needs, paving the way for a better tomorrow,” states Michael Rudgyard, CEO of Alces Flight. 

Sustainability Strategy Highlights

Our strategy emphasises the significant role that integration and managed services play in promoting environmental sustainability and fostering a positive community in HPC. Here are the highlights outlined in our strategy:

  • Establishing Clear Goals and Benchmarks: We have set measurable goals and benchmarks to track our progress and performance against industry peers. This process focuses on areas where we have primary control, providing transparency and data to support our efforts. 
  • Understanding Efficiencies and Waste Management: By developing tools to track resource efficiency and maintaining clear communication on waste management and recycling, we ensure responsible use and decommissioning of hardware.
  • Collaboration and Partnerships: We champion sustainability goals with our partners, customers, and collaborators. Projects like the University of York’s  Award-winning Sustainable Digital Initiative and the “Move the Needle” project with Women in HPC exemplify our commitment to social sustainability in the field.

Looking Ahead

Our Sustainability Strategy is not just a document but a dynamic framework guiding our actions and decisions. It reflects our unwavering commitment to driving ethical innovation and fostering a sustainable future. As we continue to collaborate with our partners, customers, and the broader community, we remain focused on creating positive, lasting change. 

If you would like to see the full report, click here to access our comprehensive Sustainability Strategy

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